Inspiration: Kittens, Foxes & Owls

With little one on the way I have been completely consumed with knitting bitty things for baby. Two hats, one from stash, the other planned complete with little fair isle elephants. My latest is a sheep, who looks more like a snowball with a tail right now. Last night at knitting group I shared the book I recently purchased, Itty Bitty Toys, that the sheep pattern came from. The knitter who looked through it was thrilled with the patterns and got me thinking that maybe I should knit a doll for baby. I'm not really a doll person, but I know so many little girls are.
These little animals in pants, shoes and bloomers might just be the hybrid to cross me over into loving dolls. Made by Blabla, they come in trendy colors, patterns and the latest cool animals. And if dolls don't float your boat, there are mobile's for baby's room, backpacks for bigger kids and a few items for those who are still kids at heart.

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Knitting: Knit Baby Hat #1

I'm anxiously waiting the arrival of our little baby girl and aside from fretting where she'll room in our small house, I've started nesting and knitting. This is sure to be the start of a new phase of knitting projects for me. I have to agree with so many others that knitting baby items is fun and so quick to complete. I can't wait to put this on our cutie patootie and get a proper photo though.
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Inspiration: knit i-phone earbud cord cover

I don't even own an i-phone and I want to knit these!

Check out the tutorial and disco sounds over on Wonderfully Akward's blog.
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Inspiration: Ruffled Shirt Tutorial

I stumbled upon this pretty ruffled t-shirt tutorial from Tea Rose Home. I've started embracing my girly side and shying away from the all black hairdresser wardrobe that used to be so comfortable and safe. So what if brown is my new black? But over the last few years I have incorporated ruffles, polka dots and even a yellow tie neck t with puffy sleeves (it's only been worn twice, but it's a start, right?). My latest girly purchase is a dusty rose colored maternity top with sequins. Yikes, I know!

The sewing bug always hits me on sunny days like today, especially in my favorite season, fall. But today is a work day and this will have to wait. I'm loving and filing this one for a future craft day.
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Inspiration: Feeling Crafty? Cross Stitch Your iPhone

The base is available in a nice selection of colors, but you bring the creativity to the table when you custom cross-stitch your iPhone cover. Covers run $18.

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Photography: More Madrona 2011

Cleaning up the computer and found a few more photos to post from Madrona Fiber Arts 2011.
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Knitting: Oeuf!

Came across Oeuf today. Yes, that's the sound I make too if I get socked in the stomach, stub my toe or generally feel unwell. Maybe there is a different way of pronouncing it that escaped me?
Any who, they sell beautiful knit items I just couldn't wait to share. I have a list in my head started of the goodies I must have someday, starting with the 3 pack of knit mustaches. Then maybe a racoon tail or two. I know, adorable!
Aside from all of that cuteness that made me want, want, want, there is a good side too. Fair trade baby. So the Alpaca might be getting the shaft, but the workers are at least treated with dignity.

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Inspiration: Compulsive Knitting

This show by Daniela Edburg cracks me up. And slightly resembles a certain group of people I hang out with once a week. She must get her knit on quite regularly herself looking at the amount of work that went into each shot.
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Butternut Squash In Spicy Peanut Sauce

Butternut Squash In Spicy Peanut Sauce served over a bed of hearty udon noodles.
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Lentil Soups

 Rosemary and garlic scented kale, and roasted red pepper ribbons served on top of balsamic lentils.
Roasted vegetable panini on rosemary-rye bread and curried lentil soup.
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