Knitting: They Were Going To Be Pirates

Hello Yarn's We Call Them Pirates test turned out good. The hat that followed was going to squeeze the living daylights out of dear hubbies noggin, so...

it's been frogged.
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Sewing: The Motorcycle Tool Bag

One thing about riding motorcycles is that you never know when something will go wrong. We've ridden countless miles from Kelowna Canada to Reno Nevada and had opportunity to collect and encounter stories to tell. I've had my detent plate give me troubles coming into a turn at 6o mph with no way to shift, had my battery crack and misdiagnosed, which resulted in a ridiculous toggle switch being installed roadside. If you plan a trip through Goldendale WA expect the worst, as we believe there is a Bermuda Triangle of sorts down there. Long story short, it's a sure thing something will go wrong when you're hours from home and saddle sore.
Today I was asked to creat a tool bag for the bike. As you can see in the photo above, the old tool bag's near worn out. Here is the new one.

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Sewing: Three + Two = Fluffy Bits


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It's a Wee Wonderful life!

I'm a craft explosion this weekend, although the weekend is only just beginning. Here's the goodness so far... the bunnies are made from the Wee Wonderfuls bunny pattern. I love them and want to make at least 1 more for the wee ones in my life for Easter.

Mr. & Mrs. Procrastinator are about to have our two year wedding anniversary in two months. I've been saying for nearly two years that I'll get these photos printed for family. No I haven't had any thing printed, but I do have albums and I've been thinking about it. Does that count?
This is documentation of the burst of energy I had last month getting the images organized for printing. Not my favorite job.

My trusty helper Thora has been assisting me this week with the Rececca Eyelet Wrap sweater
. Thank goodness she cares. It's been on the table all week, blocked, but untouched aside from little kitty paws. Good Kitty.
Notice behind Thora, the box of photos and negs neatly stacked back into their place, awaiting my next burst of wedding photograph energy. Not this weekend. :)
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Knitting: Wrap In Progress

Knitting's been on hold for a few weeks, but yesterday I spent the later part of the day making progress on the wrap top.
I'm hoping to like it when it's finished because right now I feel no love for it. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying knitting it, frogging what I just knit, and re-knitting (and then sometimes re-frogging again). Maybe I'm just not familiar with the process? It isn't striking me like walking in to, say Anthropologie, and needing a certain sweater or more realistically walking into Nordstrom and needing a certain pair of shoes. I loved the photo in the magazine enough to have wanted to make it, so I knit, knit, knit.
P.S. I bagged Marcia.
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Knitting: My First Sweater #3.

Yay! I've actually got something to show for my time away. I've started knitting the wrap sweater from Rebecca #29. I will call this "My first sweater #3".

Also, here's a picture of the horrid green poncho. I think it is my least favorite project to date. But the yarn was green and so soft I couldn't resist.
(2011- I've since heard that this little poncho gets plenty of use.)
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