Knitting: Knit Baby Hat #1

I'm anxiously waiting the arrival of our little baby girl and aside from fretting where she'll room in our small house, I've started nesting and knitting. This is sure to be the start of a new phase of knitting projects for me. I have to agree with so many others that knitting baby items is fun and so quick to complete. I can't wait to put this on our cutie patootie and get a proper photo though.
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Inspiration: knit i-phone earbud cord cover

I don't even own an i-phone and I want to knit these!

Check out the tutorial and disco sounds over on Wonderfully Akward's blog.
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Inspiration: Ruffled Shirt Tutorial

I stumbled upon this pretty ruffled t-shirt tutorial from Tea Rose Home. I've started embracing my girly side and shying away from the all black hairdresser wardrobe that used to be so comfortable and safe. So what if brown is my new black? But over the last few years I have incorporated ruffles, polka dots and even a yellow tie neck t with puffy sleeves (it's only been worn twice, but it's a start, right?). My latest girly purchase is a dusty rose colored maternity top with sequins. Yikes, I know!

The sewing bug always hits me on sunny days like today, especially in my favorite season, fall. But today is a work day and this will have to wait. I'm loving and filing this one for a future craft day.
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