Recipe: Mango Rum Pops | Boneless Cats & Managing The Heat

Today’s high was 97*. My computer keeps shutting off, it’s that hot. Our kitties told me they’d be good if we’d only let them take their sweaters off.
Last week Jared found a video of a
scuba diving cat. Maybe our girls would try it. I think they might not complain if their little feet were dipped into the cool shallow water of a pool.

To beat the heat I'm making Mango Rum Pops. They won't be ready for 24 hours, but lucky for me there was plenty of mango puree left over for a delicious Mango Mojito! Sweat-free bliss, here I come!

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Seatbelt for my arms...

Lack of knitting = lack of blogging. I'm reading a little more though, my brain's loving the excercise. Currently it's Howard Schultz "Pour Your Heart Into It". Recommendation TBD.

Pirates are slowly coming along. I'm at the beginning of the last skull row and feeling like I might run out of black yarn. I also fear that I may be knitting too loose now, as opposed to my previous attempt which was proving to be too tight.

Summer is here and we've been enjoying 80 degree days and oodles of flowers. The mint keeps growing and the mojitos keep flowing.
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