Paralyzed by indecision. Again.

I went to the Madrona Fiber Arts "Festival" (for lack of better word) today. I didn't take any classes, but went for the yarn market. I wrote up a list of the projects I'm most interested in making, their yarn amount, weight, etc. and took it with me so I'd have some focus. Well. I didn't find quite what I was looking for and after about 2 hours of wandering (this is the paralysis part) and petting beautiful yarns I finally purchased my two skeins of yarn and scrammed. One is a beautiful lace weight 100% Alpaca handpainted in deep blues, burgandy and greys. I started to wind it into a ball by hand. Naive me. I'm afraid this means it's time for me to buy a swift & winder.
The second yarn is 60% Merino 40% Angora in a natural "tortie" color. It's super soft, wish I had bought more and also makes me want bunnies so I can love, pet and shave all in the name of fashion. It's sick I know.
The Marcia sweater swatching is taking the wind out of my sails. I haven't made much progress with it and haven't finished sewing the green poncho together either. I'm buying more yarn in hopes to fill the void Marcia isn't filling. The more I swatch, the more I am unfulfilled, the more yarn I buy to fill the void. I see a vicious cycle being born.

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  1. heh heh. Those yarn patches are hilarious!