Sewing: The Motorcycle Tool Bag

One thing about riding motorcycles is that you never know when something will go wrong. We've ridden countless miles from Kelowna Canada to Reno Nevada and had opportunity to collect and encounter stories to tell. I've had my detent plate give me troubles coming into a turn at 6o mph with no way to shift, had my battery crack and misdiagnosed, which resulted in a ridiculous toggle switch being installed roadside. If you plan a trip through Goldendale WA expect the worst, as we believe there is a Bermuda Triangle of sorts down there. Long story short, it's a sure thing something will go wrong when you're hours from home and saddle sore.
Today I was asked to creat a tool bag for the bike. As you can see in the photo above, the old tool bag's near worn out. Here is the new one.

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  1. I admit it. I thought this craft thing was nothing more than a foolish excuse to lounge around with the cats all day, making knick-knacks that we'd eventually donate to Goodwill.

    But now, this "artsy-fartsy" pasttime has produced something that I can actually use! No longer will my motorcycle tools be lost in the dark depths of my saddlebags! I'll be the envy of the other guys! Woohoo!

    My wife, like, totally rocks and stuff!