Random: Office Redux

Here is the horrible space I previously called my office. It consisted of my husbands old office furniture and a stray table that followed me home from a junk sale. I loved the shape and size of the table, but it needed some lovin'.
I stripped the peeling paint off of it (peeling in a bad way, not shabby chic) then there she sat for maybe a year or 3 collecting dust and anything else I spilled on the bare wood. For the longest time I thought I'd just let it age and get that old patina if possible, wax it, oil it or anything.

Finally this summer I got a wild hair to finish that project and here are the results.

Plus this darned old chair I can't seem to part with. It's about useless to me. Not comfy to sit in and covered in a hideous vinyl, but I keep it around for the sentimental value. It was my great grandma's. I removed the vinyl to find a pretty tapestry type material underneath. Already a vast improvement, but I'd set out to paint it the same as the table.
Dear hubby bought me a new monitor (not pictured) to replace the refridgerator sized one on the table. I could even sew on this table if I needed to! Not perfect, but a vast improvement over what it was.

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  1. you have to much time on your hands... haven't you heard of TV