Meat eater in a vegan world / vegan for a day

My dad visited this weekend and he's a meat eater. He grew up in farm country, worked on farms as a kid and can make some mean biscuits and gravy. Dad has a lot of influence in my love of cooking. Making food beautiful was always important to him. Even if he made ramen noodles, he'd dress it up with something colorful and tasty.

Over the years Chrones Disease has made him change the way he eats. Nothing spicy, no whole grains, no tough outer peels on foods (ie, cucumber, nut skins), nothing fiberous (lettuce doesn't sit well either) no red meats, no onion (too spicy), no peppers (even paprika counts in that category). Almost everything we cook has spice and lots of fiber so even a couple days was challenging for cooking ideas. An internet search on low fiber diets and some perusing through my cookbooks and we were set. Enter Vegan With A Vengeance Potato-Asparagus Soup. Even with skipping the onion and pepper this soup has tons of flavor. We served ours in a crusty sourdough cannonball with steamed beets in a fresh basil viniagrette and apple pie a la mode (soy style of course) and it was delicous!

The next day was busy working on his house, so for lunch it was a quick trip to Taco Time. For dinner a salad of peeled cucumber, tomatos and kalamata olives tossed in a light dill viniagrette and for the main pesto and tomato pizza. I think he was surprised with how cheese like the cheeze tasted.

Today I topped the trip off with a big glass of soy milk and a pb&j. Dad is unofficially vegan. Well, at least this week.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I came across your blog from ravelry. It sounds like you eat similarly to us... But that soup does look very good.. Mmmm...