Of at least these two things: Sheep-to-Shawl and hand spun yarn.

I hadn't planned an excursion beyond the funeral I was attending, but a lazy morning reading the paper lead me to the days happenings section, and much to my delight, a Sheep-to-Shawl was going on in the very town I was in. So with only an hour left of the S-t-S I dashed over to what was probably the smallest knitting event I've seen. But one with miniature pony rides and a really cool vintage hat display nonetheless.

There were 4 booths, 5 if you count the painter who didn't have a lick of fiber portrayed in her work. Two vendors feverously spun away from huge baskets of freshly sheared fleece. Another was working on some miniscule version of what I believe was tatting. And then there was a woman demonstrating how the raw fleece was combed and combed until the fibers all lay the same way, and then spun it up. The finished product was smooth, lumpy, and somewhere in between. She pulled bits of puff that didn't quite get tangled in, doubled it up on it's self and voila! Hand spun yarn was born.

Many of my friends come away from events like this with arms cradling their newly acquired stash. My score was not to be had that day. A certain yellow yarn I just can't seem to locate is out there somewhere waiting for me, and so my purchases amounted to a $4 cat toy and a strip of raffle tickets that only left my wallet lighter. Ooh, and these adorable stickers I have no idea what I'm going to do with.

I'm sure one of these days I will venture into the handspun yarns, but for now I have a small collection of yarns large enough to keep me busy well into the next few years.