Yarn Swap: Leaving with better yarn

The knitting group I hang out with (shameless plug here: Terrible Knitters of Kent) held a yarn swap this weekend. The idea was to bring in your excess, uninspired and unwanted yarns, pool them with everyone elses e.u.u. yarns and then raffle off the goods to those who wanted them. Any left over yarns were to be given to a local knitting charity.

I don't know how, but I walked away with a lot of very nice yarn. Much nicer than the basket of Sugar & Cream I came in with. Who was I kidding when I bought all of that? I don't even use cloth dish cloths. Aside from being delighted to have a basket full of beautiful new yarn, this will help keep me inspired and (hopefully) out of the yarn store for a while.

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  1. Julie says:

    a yarn swap is a fantastic idea!! looks like you got some great stuff.